More organisation, better visual presentation

Add-ons can bring important workflow improvements to automated, already running production processes. For example in prefabricated timber construction, where shortages can occur towards the end of the production process and shortly before loading.
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Closer to practice

MES in the production lines of the prefabricated housing industry can also be culturally surprising. At least that’s what Devaki Joshi – a new granIT employee from India – thinks.

Cultural diversity and the associated professional enrichment has long been granIT’s corporate philosophy and needs no special introduction. So: Let’s introduce Devaki Joshi – a programmer from India and new member of the granIT team.

Actually, too few Indian talents find their way to Germany, although they are urgently needed in the IT industry. One (albeit small) example of this is the number of months it took for granIT to fill a long-vacant programming position with a qualified employee like Devaki Joshi.

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More structure, more output

At the prefabricated house producer Bien-Zenker, the carpentry shop was rebuilt and modernised. The decisive role that MES can play in such a diversified production line and the benefits that result from it for the entire production process are explained by the Head of Strategic Development, Markus Farnung.

Bien-Zenker GmbH, based in Schlüchtern, Hesse, produces and sells prefabricated houses. The company was founded as early as 1906 and is thus one of the most traditional prefabricated house manufacturers in Germany.

The holding company distributes the two product groups “Bien-Zenker Das Haus” (turnkey houses in the medium to upper price segment) and, for rather younger target groups, “Living House” (prefabricated houses).

In 2022, Bien-Zenker GmbH produced around 990 houses in three-shift operation – in the current year 2023, the company aims to break the 990 mark.

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granIT loading software Loading Client: Web-based efficiency without detours.

The time factor and effort involved in loading are often misjudged. All parts must be present at the right time in the right place in the right unloading sequence – often there is literally a snag “at the wrong end” and a small mistake during loading can lead to considerable problems at the destination.


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More diversity leads to higher productivity

Diversity… the continuation: the granIT team warmly welcomes Rihab Jamal-Eddine to its ranks.
The 24-year-old Moroccan from Casablanca has been working for the Reutlingen-based company as a trainee programmer since the summer of 2022 and is familiarising herself with the MES environment, which is new to her, surprisingly quickly.

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Diversity – for a successful team

granIT employee Lipi Kothadiya has been demonstrating for more than six months that diversity in the team definitely means more creativity and cultural enrichment.
It’s no longer a secret: even (or especially?) in the IT industry, companies with diverse staff have better cards. It doesn’t matter how large or small the respective companies are – mixed teams are more creative, bring more cultural value to production and are important for cross-border customer development and contact.

Lipi Kothadiya

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The machine manufacturer WEINMANN has been setting trends in timber construction production since 1985. To date, the Swabian company located in St. Johann, Germany, has become the world market leader for timber construction systems – both for carpentry plants, module manufacturers and the prefabricated house industry. The connecting element has always been software from granIT.

An interview with WEINMANN Sales and Marketing Manager Michael Marschall and Project Engineer Ingo Krieg about the importance of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in the automated production of prefabricated timber houses. And why hardly anything works in the timber construction industry without MES.

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Gain time – react more flexibly!

The Natursteinbetriebe Wigastone in Steinwenden, Rhineland-Palatinate, is a prime example of the successful use of MES powered by granIT in medium-sized companies. Managing director, founder and “doer” Armin Wigand reports in an interview about the successful development of his company and the key role granIT software plays in it.

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MES from granIT have long been fully integrated and accepted in WeberHaus’ prefabricated house production. A conversation about new territory, step-by-step, table utilization, robots and trolleys.

At WeberHaus in Rheinau, Baden, the granIT Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has also been ensuring efficient processes in prefabricated house production since the beginning of 2021. We talked to Alfons Obrecht (Assistant Production/Technical Management) and Jörg Marin (Assistant Technical Management) about their experiences with the granIT flow solution. Just so much up front: satisfaction factor = high!

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Vocational training that highlights personal strengths

The (former) trainee Steffen Plievier was taken on as a permanent employee in the granIT team.

To be quite honest: The fact that we train at granIT also has to do with a certain self-interest. After all, the IT industry needs competent, creative and future-oriented specialists – not least for rapidly growing and highly specialized markets such as prefabricated house construction or, for example, sleeper production for rail transport. Just to name the key areas of the granIT clientele.

Accordingly, we are doubly pleased about the passed examination of our apprentice Steffen Plievier and his subsequent acceptance into the granIT ranks as a permanent employee.

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