The plus in every production

The Manufacturing Execution System MES – from the practical level for the practical level! Where, when and why are Manufacturing Execution Systems used in a production process? And how can MES achieve highly responsive, economical and transparent processes in a production chain? Our new video provides clear answers!

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Creditworthiness? Excellent!


Creditreform awards granIT GmbH the CrefoZert Solvency Certificate.
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Stay efficient. Stay flexible.

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) must act individually, flexibly and precisely – a single comprehensive solution can no longer meet the increasing requirements of modern production plants. 

Regarding the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) it is becoming increasingly clear that the future can no longer belong to monolithic, closed software systems. Digitally oriented production plants and factories are rarely equipped with the same system type these days. Flexibility within the production chains is the watchword – the best possible solutions for new approaches and requirements within an existing process will make the difference today and tomorrow.

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MES – the structuring element

Industry 4.0: Synchronization of decentrally and centrally collected data – in future with MES only In the meantime, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is considered to be the basic relevant tool to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. As a central, principally structuring and synchronizing element in a decentralized system, MES is of elementary importance. 

Find solutions for everything!

Where and how can MES provide more efficiency in a new, state-of-the-art turnout sleeper plant? An interview with RAIL.ONE project manager Stefan Hübner.


They are only used at the end of the production chain and are nevertheless elemental: Efficient loading solutions and functional transportation logistics can significantly increase the production success.  As part of their MES solutions (Manufacturing Execution System), the granIT software developpers have designed an attractive solution method using computer geometry and operations research– and this […]

Experience. Networking. Inspiration.

The WEINMANN Treff will take place at November 7 and November 8 2019 – granIT will take part (again) – what about you?

Individuality is standard

Wolfgang Bock, CEO at granIT, talks about the creative use of MES, about clients’ fear of the unknown, about real benefits and improvements in the production sequence and about the limits of MES.

Deeply relaxed with MES

Jochen Renner has been working for Schwörer Fertighaus since 2001 and became Factory Manager in 2013. His responsibilites primarily include “organizational matters at the factory site” with the focus on ideally smooth processes and optimally exhausted production processes. Through the years, 40-year old Renner became a supporter of the granIT MES software. Shortly after the […]

Production control under process-oriented conditions

Where and how work MES solutions? Without Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) there is no Industrie 4.0 and IoT possible. If, today and in future, an effective automated production is required, there is no getting around MES – with no ifs or buts.