MES as a trend-setting element for Industrie 4.0 and IoT.


Optimize production processes, increase production.

Target group

Medium-sized companies and industrial companies of different sectors.


granIT: Software solutions since 1995.

granIT solutions are said to be trend-setting in the MES domain and are firmly established in the field of production technology. With our solutions and our support production processes are optimized, processes are made more efficient and production is increased. Potential sources of error are detected and reported on time.  All production areas are covered and can be integrated in existing IT structures.

The experienced granIT staff supervises the installation and use of the software in the production process and is also available for fast and competent support later on.  Our holistic business concept is designed for individual software solutions for various industries. We put special emphasis on a cooperative business relationship where software and human contact have the same priority.

granIT: Software created by people for people (and their machines)

granIT is an abbreviation for „graphical numerical information technology“.
granIT GmbH was founded in 1995 to succeed the SchwörerComputer division of SchwörerHaus KG.
Partners are SchwörerHaus KG in Hohenstein-Oberstetten and Wolfgang Bock/Management granIT.