25 years of experience: granIT.

Creative planning, transparent production – for a quarter of a century we have been creating customized software solutions to improve automated production processes.

The granIT GmbH was founded in 1995. The shareholders are Schwörer Haus KG and Wolfgang Bock, who took over the management of the company from its founder Gert Seeger in 2013.

granIT sets trendsetting accents, especially with international prefabricated house manufacturers (German-speaking countries, France, Canada, USA; Russia and Sweden)
The close, specific cooperation with SchwörerHaus KG (Oberstetten) and Weinmann Holzbausystemtechnik also forms both a strong regional and at the same time international platform.

With its eight IT specialists and software developpers, granIT is well established in the field of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). “Made by people for people (and their machines)”, granIT software modules (e. g. granIT:flow) create the basis for maintaining the specified cycle times in automated production processes, detecting potential errors and avoiding expensive machine downtimes.

Although our focus is “traditionally” on prefabricated house construction we can also do things differently: For example, we are really proud of our Manufacturing Execution System for the RailONE sleeper plant!

granIT successfully combines technical expertise with customer proximity.
It may sound trivial, but our success ist mostly tied to our customized and specific solutions, also and expecially if the projects are really challenging.

25 years of granIT – let’s celebrate!

… however not during a pandemic period:. All events should be avoided.. That’s why we’ll be holding a small anniversary celebration in early summer 2021.

We will just have to change the motto a little bit then:

25 (+1) years granIT