Vocational training that highlights personal strengths

The (former) trainee Steffen Plievier was taken on as a permanent employee in the granIT team.

To be quite honest: The fact that we train at granIT also has to do with a certain self-interest. After all, the IT industry needs competent, creative and future-oriented specialists – not least for rapidly growing and highly specialized markets such as prefabricated house construction or, for example, sleeper production for rail transport. Just to name the key areas of the granIT clientele.

Accordingly, we are doubly pleased about the passed examination of our apprentice Steffen Plievier and his subsequent acceptance into the granIT ranks as a permanent employee.

Only a few people know that there are also apprenticeships in the IT industry in the classical sense. Such as the apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development, which Steffen recently completed. Over three apprenticeship years, Steffen was trained by the granIT team in the development and application of software (not only) for our customers. Steffen attended the vocational school in Reutlingen, which is obligatory in the apprenticeship.

Steffen’s reason for wanting to train as an IT specialist for application development was his previous school career. After graduating from secondary school, he attended the vocational school for electrical engineering in Reutlingen and was particularly enthusiastic about digital technology, the basic building block for computer science.

Steffen then continued his education at the vocational college for information and communication technology assistants, where he completed his highest school leaving certificate. Here, too, Steffen was mainly interested in programming and computer science. Accordingly, it “made sense and was logical to choose a profession with exactly this content.”

During his training at granIT, Steffen Plievier was often busy with CAD topics, but also maintaining old programs, correcting errors or writing new, small programs that automate short production processes. Steffen found one part of his training particularly interesting, which took place over a longer period of time. Steffen’s colleague Stefan Fink involved the trainee in adapting the existing granIT software to the new C# programming language.

We are sure that Steffen Plievier will be active for granIT customers with a lot of competence, know-how and expertise after his official takeover into our permanent staff ranks. Congratulations and welcome to the team, Steffen