More structure, more output

At the prefabricated house producer Bien-Zenker, the carpentry shop was rebuilt and modernised. The decisive role that MES can play in such a diversified production line and the benefits that result from it for the entire production process are explained by the Head of Strategic Development, Markus Farnung.

Bien-Zenker GmbH, based in Schlüchtern, Hesse, produces and sells prefabricated houses. The company was founded as early as 1906 and is thus one of the most traditional prefabricated house manufacturers in Germany.

The holding company distributes the two product groups “Bien-Zenker Das Haus” (turnkey houses in the medium to upper price segment) and, for rather younger target groups, “Living House” (prefabricated houses).

In 2022, Bien-Zenker GmbH produced around 990 houses in three-shift operation – in the current year 2023, the company aims to break the 990 mark.

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granIT loading software Loading Client: Web-based efficiency without detours.

The time factor and effort involved in loading are often misjudged. All parts must be present at the right time in the right place in the right unloading sequence – often there is literally a snag “at the wrong end” and a small mistake during loading can lead to considerable problems at the destination.


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More diversity leads to higher productivity

Diversity… the continuation: the granIT team warmly welcomes Rihab Jamal-Eddine to its ranks.
The 24-year-old Moroccan from Casablanca has been working for the Reutlingen-based company as a trainee programmer since the summer of 2022 and is familiarising herself with the MES environment, which is new to her, surprisingly quickly.

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