Industry 4.0 – The future starts now. 

To achieve the highest possible efficiency of automated processes, a seamless controlling and monitoring is fundamental. To attain this target, we provide from now on the new Webinterface, which is available for all installed versions of the production control system. By means of the Angular2 based components, all relevant information are a retrievable – from the smartphone to the computer. Through the continuous improvement of our applications, we are able to react flexible to the newest future trends on the markets. Thus, we provide you throughout a product based on the latest innovation.

Besides the information about the current production units, the Webinterface contains all configured reports and statistics, as well as a detailed overview about the processes within the different production modules. Additionally the integrated user administration assures that sensible information are only available for authorized operators. It is possible to switch variable and simple between the languages German, English and French via the menu item “Settings”

The usage of the modules acquires no software installation on the terminal devices. Solely a HTML5 capable browser is necessary (Chrome, Firefox or Edge).