The construction program for timber frame construction

granIT:frame covers all areas of timber frame construction for the industrial production. Modern and individual architecture can be realized fast and efficient; this is, for example, ideally suited for the prefabricated house industry.granIT:frame is based on automated design processes considering the factory standards with the significant advantage that always recurring details do not have to be designed again.
granIT:frame yet remains flexible enough to be adapted at any time to changes in the operating conditions. Many options to import and export data, interfaces to production plants, control systems and ERP systems guarantee an efficient data exchange.

Key features:

  • Intelligent wall analysis to determine the desired wall type, creating framework and board layers automatically
  • Free definition of recess sizes and flexible design of windows and doors
  • Ability to design floor-to-floor from basement to roof with automated wall calculation (roof and ceiling)
  • Integrated stairways
  • Freely selectable CAD functions and dimensioning functions for the production planning
  • Ability to generate production data/data records for production machines
  • Connection with CAM systems/production control