The construction program for timber framing tasks.

is an efficient program for timber framing tasks, starting from standardized solutions for new constructions through to designs with oblique-angled layouts, unequal roof inclinations or variable rafter sizes. The roof shape is a result of the free allocation of profiles to the layout. The flexible management of these roof profiles and the possibility to use completely built roofs as a template from an own library allows for fast, individual and solution-oriented working. Once you have finished the efficient planning process the economical production follows: the data is passed through straight to the joinery machine.


Key program benefits:

  • Flexible management of roof profiles, purlin parameters and skylight paramters
  • Parameterized input and elementation of dormers depending on main roof
  • Automatic or free arrangement of roofing timbers
  • Ability to create all roofing timbers in 3D
  • Scarf joints, mortise and tenon joints or dovetail joints are supported
  • Automatic support when plating roof elements
  • Freely selectable CAD functions and dimensioning functions as a perfect addition to the process/production planning
  • Creation of layouts including cross section dimensionings, rafter tiers, purlin courses and so on
  • Creation of timber lists, element displays, position layouts …