The optimum combination between design and manufacturing: granIT:flow

granIT:flow, forming the interface between design and prodution, ensures compliance with the required cycle time at all production workplaces by means of an automated operation planning. Simultaneously, automatic corrections at designed elements will avoid a machine downtime. granIT:flow is the optimum combination between design and production.

Ideal production sequences will be a quick return on your investement:


Key features:

  • Cost savings by an optimum use of the production plant.
  • Combination and therefore optimisation of several projects simultaneously.
  • Optimised production untis for an optimal table capacity.
  • Ability to align design units to the production machines in place, which will avoid expensive machine downtimes.
  • Automatic correction capability of datasets.
  • Operating instructions in the form of datasets, schedules or accompanying documents with the given production unit at the right time at the right working place

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