After 8 months of development the completely new implemented invoicing solution for the healthcare sector was put into operation according to schedule at PVS-MEFA Reiss GmbH in Singen. The Software was created using C#/.NET and uses the Microsoft SQL server as a database.

The core of this solution is the complex, freely configurable set of rules which allows to ilustrate all dependencies that result from scales of medical fees and latest jurisprudence. Incoming bills can be checked to conformity (German scale of medical fees, GOÄ and German scale of fees for industrial accidents UV-GOÄ) within seconds. Furthermore, the advisors are pointed out to missing or incorrect medical services.

The software can be used in offline mode in order to evaluate medical reports in hospitals. Having returned to the office the entered invoices are synchronized with the main system at the push of a button. The master data is updated simultaneously.


State-of-the-art invoicing solution for the healthcare sector