Our control center software granIT:flow was further developed for the precast concrete construction sector in cooperation with Weckenmann Anlagentechnik and is marketed under the brand name WAvision by Weckenmann.

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The newly constructed, state-of-the art plant for the manufacture of precast elements is fully controlled by WAvision. On flexible circulating plants both solid walls and sandwich walls are manufactured, for special construction projects solid ceiling elements can be also manufactured. The production process is coordinated and supplemented by a flexible shuttering system for floors, walls and facades with custom chamfers and profiles. 

Up to 425.000 m² wall elements for house types up to 25 floors are manufactured on the circulation plant, special elements are manufactured on tilting tables that are also aupplied. In the final stage of development the plant will have a production output of 300,000 m² of living space per year.

The circulation plant is fully controlled by the WAvision master computer throughout the whole production process.

Kontrollzentrum des WAvision Leitrechners Umlaufanlage mit Vorbereitung für Sandwichwand-Produktion

left picture: control center of the WAvision master computer, right picture: circulation plant

The control center coordinates the production flow with data provided by the production planning, specifies the required shuttering profiles and controls the production process. Products can be tracked as far as the outdoor storage. The modular software solution WAvision allows for fast data access and management, production and reporting are accessible in a single system. WAvision allows for the linking of various systems so that there are no interfacing problmes between different subsolutions.

WAvision control center in use at Armaton in Siberia